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Saus has a good life, but Saus is lonely.
Saus goes for a walk every day.
Sometimes it is around the town.
Sometimes it is around the Blue Lake.
But her favourite walk is out in the pine forest, where she can chase birds and kangaroos.

When she gets home, she sleeps and dreams of having a friend.
Saus does not like being left on her own.

Saus chews things.
Saus has chewed up slippers, books, and a phone cord.
Saus has also chewed her collar and her bed.
Nothing is safe when Saus is on her own.

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Saus and Snoop live in a town. It is not a big town and it isn’t a small town. It was a just right town because everyone knew them. They lived in a house in the middle of the town. It had a small yard for them to play in during the day and a fire to snuggle up next to on cold nights.

Saus and Snoop liked to escape from the yard. They never got very far because everyone knew them and they were always picked up and returned home. Naughty dogs!

One day a big truck arrived. Saus and Snoop thought that they were going on a holiday, what they did not know was they were moving. They were no longer going to be town dogs.

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